Dental Month - Feb 2018

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Both cats and dogs can suffer from dental diseases and conditions that can drastically reduce their quality of life, or be a sign of something wrong internally so it's vital to get a yearly exam and take preventative measures.

The most common dental condition in dogs and cats is Periodontal disease which can show up by the time your pet is 3 yrs old and will worsen as your pet grows older if  preventive measures aren’t taken. Early detection and treatment are critical because advanced periodontal disease can cause serious problems and pain for your pet. Other health problems that are associated with periodontal disease include kidney, liver, and heart muscle changes.

Inspect your pet’s mouth regularly to

catch dental disease in the early stages.

Tartar may appear as a brownish-gold buildup on

the teeth, close to the gumline. Redness or bleeding

along the gumline may indicate gingivitis. 

How to tell if your pet needs an immediate dental cleaning:

  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Bad breath

Schedule an appointment in February

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