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Veterinary Services & Care

Everyone feels better after a bath, including your pet! At Sugar Hill Animal Hospital, we offer complete bathing and grooming services. We also offer medicated baths when necessary. Our professional groomer is equipped to provide grooming services for all breeds, including scissor cuts. Appointments for grooms should be made in advance. Your pet should be in by 8AM and should be ready to go home around 5 p.m. Earlier pick-up is available upon request.

For those times when you must travel without your pet, we offer full service, air-conditioned, indoor boarding. Dogs are walked twice daily in our large, fenced-in backyard and are fed Science Diet or your pets own food. Cats are boarded in our deluxe cat condos complete with outdoor windows. We offer medication administration, individual walks, and socialization. We also offer our special package “Tender Loving Care” Package which includes extra walks, play periods, and brushings. For every pet’s protection, we require that all vaccinations are up to date. Please feel free to request a tour of our boarding facility before your pet’s stay, we would be happy to assist you.

Sugar Hill Animal Hospital is a proud member of the Boy Scouts of America Explorer Program. With this program, high school students learn important job skills that they will need to succeed in the veterinary field and beyond. We teach them everything that a technician is required to know, and they have the opportunity to shadow each of our 6 doctors to observe different illnesses and diagnoses. This is a very open program. When there is an emergency or a surgery, they are right there with us, learning how to react in each and every kind of situation. In this way, we prepare students for their future in veterinary medicine. If veterinary medicine is not something they want to do, they will quickly figure that out, helping them decide what career choice they want or don’t want to do. Because we are part of the Boy Scouts of America and an AAHA accredited practice, not only will each student receive volunteer credits, but this is a great addition to any college and/or scholarship application. Each year we have a scholarship program for seniors to receive 1,000 dollars for their own personal use, and many of our explorers have received this award through this program. Our fun and friendly staff is always willing to teach and help every explorer. So come on out and have some fun with us! For more information please check out our website at

Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is very important to their health and happiness! Your veterinarians at Sugar Hill Animal Hospital are here to help you determine ways that you can help keep your pets’ teeth healthy. We offer full dentistry services, including routine cleaning and polishing, OraVet administration, and dental extractions. We also have digital dental x-ray!

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Drop-Off Service
With today’s frantic daily life, it isn’t always easy to be there for your pet’s appointment. Therefore, we offer a morning drop-off service. We offer this service for your pet’s yearly wellness exam, as well as any medical procedures or treatments needed. We keep in touch with you throughout the day in order to confirm the diagnostic and treatment plans for your pet.

Exotic & Pocket Pet Husbandry & Medicine
We all love the little rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs you can find in the pet store. So of course we are willing to help you know exactly how to take care of them, plus provide excellent medical care. Should you have any questions about your new pocket pet, your veterinarian at Sugar Hill Animal Hospital will be happy to answer any concerns with caging, feeding, and general care. We also provide medical care for sick pocket pets, as well as surgery.

Routine Examinations, Vaccinations, Medicine
Just like us, your pets need annual exams to ensure their best health! It also assists us in finding and diagnosing any diseases early. The annual visit includes a physical exam, vaccinations, intestinal parasite screening, heartworm testing (in dogs) and blood work (if desired). We recommend annual blood work in all pets as this will help us diagnose some diseases not visible on the outside. We also recommend that all pets stay on heartworm prevention year round. During their annual visit, we can provide your pet with any other medications, treatments, and testing necessary to keep them healthy.

We offer surgeries including spaying/neutering, soft tissue, and orthopedic. We welcome you to watch your pet’s surgical procedure through our observation window. Our surgical suite is equipped with isoflurane and sevoflurane anesthesia and advanced patient monitoring equipment, including a heart rate monitor, respiratory monitor, pulse oximeter, blood pressure and CO2. We also utilize the most current and advanced surgical and anesthetic techniques to ensure a safe surgical procedure. Our surgeons wear protective caps, masks, and gowns and use sterile drapes in order to provide the most sterile surgical environment. We recommend pre-operative blood work for any pet scheduled for surgery, and also offer post-operative pain medications that will make your pet’s recovery more comfortable.

Additional Services Include:

Behavioral Consultation, Complete Companion Animal Care, Dermatology, Dietary and Nutritional Counseling, Digital Radiography, Endocrinology, Geriatric Care, Heart-worm Treatment, Micro-chipping, Ophthalmology, Pet Food and Supplies, Puppy Daycare

In-House Laboratory
Laboratory testing can provide an inside look into your pet’s health. Our hospital utilizes an on-site laboratory in which we can obtain results in as little as thirty minutes. This rapid turn­around time allows us to quickly begin the appropriate care for your pet, which is important in critical situations. We also offer non-invasive diagnostics such as radiology, ultrasound, and electrocardiograms. Our goal is to diagnose your pet’s illness and begin therapy as quickly as possible.

Hospitalization and ICU
Sometimes our pets need a bit more attention and treatment when they are ill or just recovering from surgery. Our ICU and hospitalization area, situated in our treatment room and just outside surgery, is equipped with the means to provide fluids, IV medications, and supervision throughout business hours. We can accomodate every size pet and provide them with excellent care and monitoring. Should your pet fall ill at home and you can’t make an appointment, you can take advantage of our Drop Off Service and we can take care of your pet in our hospitalization area until they are well.

We are equipped with cutting edge digital radiography, digital dental radiography, ultrasonagraphy and echo-cardiogram. Also, our hospital is a Fovea Site Clinic where other veterinarians learn about the advancements of digital radiography.