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Lunch/Nap Time
During approximately 12:45pm - 2:00pm almost all the dogs are put up for naptime (slightly different time on weekends). Dogs that have lunch will be fed at this time. This is also when the staff does their mid day cleaning and their shift change meeting.

Dogs Sleep, Play, Sleep, Play
Don't be surprised if you catch your dog napping . Normally during the day at home, while their owners are gone, dogs are asleep, so it is normal for them to want to take some naps here as well. Also, play comes in cycles. Sometimes the whole group will be playing, other times they may all resting. Some dogs have difficulty regulating their own play. Breaks are VERY important for the dogs. 8-hours of non-stop play leaves a dog worn out and grumpy. Staff enforces breaks sporadically throughout the day to help each dog get the rest he or she needs.


Dogs Get Breaks
Dogs get breaks for a variety of reasons. Maybe your dog is trying to nap but the others want to play. Or maybe a dog is feeling a little nervous and would prefer some alone time. It is not uncommon for a well-behaved dog to get at least one time out a day. So mommies, don't worry, it is normal. If your dog has a pattern of time-outs for negative behaviors the staff will most certainly speak with you about this.

What does it mean when the staff rotates the daycare dogs?
It is important for playgroups to always be safe and fun. In order to do that we are careful to keep playgroups from getting too large and rowdy.

We have set numbers that we allow out at one time in each group. Once we hit that number we  rotate the extra dogs so that we can keep the numbers at a safe level.  We find that this actually works well for most dogs because it goes right along with the normal cycle of play giving them ample time to rest and catch their breath before it's playgroup time again.